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I'm Emily, and I'm not your traditional studio artist.

Although painting in a studio can be relaxing, painting right where the excitement is happening is my all time favourite way to paint.


my story

I've never not been an artist, and I have spent the last 20+ years drawing, painting, and creating. Four years ago I found my creative calling - painting weddings.


Being personally immersed in the excitement and emotion of a piece of art's creation, it's like no other thrill - and I live for it.


From being a young girl following along with Art Attack, drawing custom portraits and designing tattoos, to painting in front of crowds of hundreds. My art journey continues to be fuelled with passion, a desire to learn, and the need to create.


When I'm not working on a painting, you can find me getting involved in local creative projects, enjoying a movie with my husband, and teaching my son the joys of painting.​​​

Let's create beautiful artwork together.

Photography on this page kindly provided by Chasing Moments Photo Co. and Lindsay Coulter.