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Welcome to my studio, where life's most cherished events are painted.

I create love-filled artwork live at weddings, paint custom portraits from photographs, and celebrate significant milestones through my brushstrokes.

I hear it at least once per wedding.
"I wish I knew this was a thing"

Just married couples, wishing they had it at their wedding. Grandparents and parents wishing they had gifted this to their children. Live painting is immersive, emotional, and something that isn't simply bought at a store. 

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Based in tradition, with a modern flair.

Long before cameras existed, the only way to commemorate and remember important events was to have them painted. 


It's possibly the oldest, and most romantic way to celebrate and cherish your wedding day. The type or heirloom artwork that is passed down through your family tree as it grows for generations to come.

Photography on this page kindly provided by Omair Syed Photography and Carly Neilson Photography.