Significant Artwork celebrating life's most cherished events.

Tim Muza


Live Wedding painting

A modern take on a traditional practice. Long before cameras existed, the only way to commemorate and remember important events was to have them painted. It's possibly the oldest, and most romantic way to celebrate and cherish your wedding day for lifetimes to come.

Lindsay Coulter

Chasing Moments

Live portrait painting

Live portrait painting is a different and unique guest experience - part entertainment, part guest favour. Have a seat, sip a drink or chat - while I paint your portrait within minutes.

Custom artwork

Custom oil paintings, drawings, and watercolours that celebrate your significant people, precious places, and life-long loves. Available in oil, watercolour, and graphite.


Chasing Moments

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Styling Mats

Styling mats are used for stationery styling, product photography, or wedding details, these vibrant and delicate photogenic backdrops couldn't be more perfect. With beautiful colours, textures, and natural inspiration behind them - they're designed to elevate whatever is placed on them.

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