BTS - La Petite Chapelle Styled Shoot  D

Dylan and Sandra

Before Booking

After you've taken a look around the website, checked your date availability and viewed the live painting brochure - the next step is for us to have a chat.


We will talk about what you have planned, what your ideas are for the painting, as well as the logistics of the day.

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Lindsay Coulter

Before The Wedding

Once all the details are agreed on from our call, a 20% retainer invoice and an event agreement will be sent over. The balance is due 4 weeks from the wedding day.


The day of the wedding I will arrive to your venue a few hours before the ceremony is set to start. Before your guests arrive I am on site, set up, and beginning to plan out the painting - this way when your guests arrive they have a little idea of what I'm doing.

Lindsay Coulter

During The Wedding

As your guests flow into your reception I am often chatting and talking about what I'm doing and the process. At this time I'm working on painting the scenery, decor, and environment.


If you have chosen your first dance to be painted I will be taking lots of photo and video during your dance - this way I can pick the perfect pose for the composition of the painting.

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Lindsay Coulter

End Of The Night

Once I have completed the painting I will turn it around to face the dance floor and put my spotlight on.


This gives guests the opportunity to take a closer look (they may even see themselves!). After everyone has taken a peek, I will pack up my painting supplies, and bring the artwork back to my studio to be varnished, photographed, and framed (if selected). It will be ready for pickup/delivery within 3 weeks.