Why You Should Hire a Live Wedding Painter

Photo by Daring Wanderer

A live wedding painter - a unique wedding experience.


"Why would anyone have a live wedding painter at their wedding when they already have a photographer?"

I've heard it before, and it breaks my heart a little every time.

It's never about having one instead of the other - photography and painting are two entirely different forms of art! The same way that photo and video are different, painting is different than both of them.

So aside from the fact that photos and paintings aren't the same. Why else would you have a live painter at your wedding? Here are some of my favourite reasons.

1. It's a thoughtful form of entertainment.

Live Wedding Painter Painting
Photo by Alexandra B Photography

It's not "in your face", but it's always available to see, piques curiosity in all ages, and lasts all night.

When your guests start flowing into the cocktail hour or your ceremony they pass by, often very intrigued as to what I'm doing. It's obvious I'm painting, but what I'm painting isn't instantly apparent.

Throughout dinner and while mingling, guests pop by to check on the progress and it's all coming together.

Some guests chat with me about what I'm doing, how, or why I'm doing it. Others watch quietly behind my shoulder. When the painting is finished and I turn it around it always gathers quite the crowd!

2. It's so personal and romantic.

There will only ever be one. One of you and your partner. One of these paintings. The liveliness of the night, the way you and your guests felt, and the beautiful decor is all preserved in the paint.

Long before photography had been invented - there was only traditional fine art. Paintings were how important events were remembered. Many of these paintings created so long ago are still gracing walls today. Your live wedding painting can be passed down to your children, and your children's children.

3. It's an entirely new experience for most people.

Guests gathering to view live wedding painting
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Think about the last time you saw a musician write a song, a dancer choreograph a dance, or a painter start and finish a painting - most people haven't.

The creative process is a personal one, there is a lot that goes into the development of a piece of artwork. Whether it be a dance, a song, or a painting - all the work and preparation before it's complete is usually not seen outside a studio.

4. You get to enjoy it each and every day.

With a painting - it gets to be displayed prominently in your home. Often in living rooms, bedrooms, and above fireplaces. The original piece of artwork, that was created at your wedding brings along the emotion and how you felt that day - I like to think the way the night felt is actually in the paint.

You won't have to reminisce about your wedding day in the future, since it will be part of your everyday life together. The memory will always be fresh and just as emotional as it was on that very special day.

There are of course more reasons too - maybe you are an art lover, a collector of art, a painter yourself - or just appreciate fine art. Whatever the reason may be, I'm always happy to chat about art, my live wedding paintings, and any creative ideas you may have.

All the best with your wedding planning,