St. Mary's Parish 2021

This wedding one was for the books - it was the very first wedding I ever booked with my business back in early 2019. Due to Covid-19, it was postponed twice, but it finally happened and it was so very beautiful.

This was the largest canvas I have painted on to date, 36"x48". I attended the ceremony at the church, and recorded their final moments of the ceremony. I then traveled to the Mississauga convention centre where the reception was being held and I got to work.

Painting on such a large scale was a challenge, I had to bring my studio easel in order to hold the full canvas, and there was a lot of tippy toes as I reached to paint the top end of the canvas.

By the end of the night I had accomplished much more than I anticipated with the newlyweds fully painted in, with a great likeness and touch up work to be done only on the background.

Photography: Mike Rees

Size: 36x48"