COVID Wedding Plans Up In The Air? Tips For Planning a Backyard Wedding

In the summer of 2020 I got married in my own backyard, it was planned in four weeks, and I did all the planning (read: not executing!) myself with a lot of help from my family.

My backyard wedding, photo from Chasing Moments

I didn't realize quite how big the planning and undertaking is for planning a wedding. I figured - hey this is essentially just a dinner party with a ceremony (as we had only 8 guests). You'd think that having it at your house would make it easier, but I was surprised to find myself pretty overwhelmed with both planning and on the actual wedding day. Luckily my mom was such a HUGE help, which I am eternally grateful for because I'm a terrible procrastinator.

Photo by Cloud Nine Photography

Kendra Coons owns Confetti and Co. in Kitchener Ontario, and she was actually the first wedding professional I reached out to when I decided to start painting weddings! She's a delight, so incredibly knowledgeable and has been kind enough to provide some tips for those planning their own backyard weddings.

Kendra's top five tips for planning a stellar backyard wedding:

When it comes to planning a backyard or private property wedding, there are a few things you should know! Backyard weddings come with their own unique challenges, so today we are sharing 5 tips for planning a backyard wedding!

1. Know Your Electrical Capacity

If you are planning a party in your own backyard, you will likely want to bring in lighting and music, and maybe even washroom facilities. All of these things have something very important in common - they all require power! Before you dive into planning, you’ll want to make sure that you have access to multiple outlets on different breakers. If you are worried that accessing adequate power might be tough - you can rent “whisper quiet” generators to keep your party going all night long!

Photo from Oak and Olive Co.

2. Consider Your Floor Plan

It’s not uncommon for a backyard wedding to require a non-traditional approach to seating. Sometimes there are decks, pools, or other obstacles, and sometimes the space is smaller than your typical venue! I suggest mapping out the space and deter

mining how many tables and chairs you can fit while still having space for your ceremony and dance floor. You’ll also want to ensure you have space for welcome tables, buffet tables and a bar! Check out for a free floor plan software to help you get started!

Photo from C And E Collective

3. Think About Parking

Depending on your neighbourhood, you might find yourself with limited space for guest cars. If this is

the case, you can always consider having a shuttle meet at a public location so that guests can arrive safely, and your street won’t become congested with cars!

4. Talk To Your Neighbours

Before sending out invitations to your guests, it is advisable to chat with your neighbours first! Letting them know your plans, and even extending an invite, can ensure there are no surprises or noise complaints day-of. In some cases, I’ve even seen neighbours offer up their driveways for additional parking, and their outdoor outlets for additional power!

Photo from Jess Imrie

5. Investigate Permit Requirements

Some municipalities require permits for tents, others do not. Some municipalities require permits for parking on the street, others do not! Check in with your local municipality to find out what rules and regulations you will need to follow for your big day!

Photo from Magan Michelle Photo

Backyard and private property weddings are some of our all time favourite events to plan because they provide endless opportunities for creativity! If you would like to dive deeper into planning a tented wedding, you can check out this blog here. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed our 5 tips for planning a backyard wedding!

Kendra Coons, owner of Confetti & Co.