A Fine Art Branding Photoshoot with Chasing Moments Photo Co.

I'll start by saying that I am biased, Supriya from Chasing Moments shot both my wedding and a photoshoot I was involved with last summer - so I didn't go into this blind, I knew I was in for a great time.

The two of us actually met at one of The Wedding Ring's Expo's back in 2019 (see my very first booth ever, oh how things have changed!), just after I started offering live wedding painting. It was my first show and I was a tad nervous to say the least, I walked around and started talking with Supriya and her partner Marcello and we hit it off right away. Next thing I knew we were having fancy coffee drinks at Coffee Culture and talking about our creative histories. The clouds parted and a friendship was born.

So when Supriya asked if I wanted to do 'something a little different', she didn't really even have to ask. Of course I was in.

We talked about using different lighting, as she often shoots at weddings filled with natural light this would be a chance to flex that creative muscle. I have always dreamt of having a painting of myself sitting the way they do in Renaissance artwork. And my dreams were coming true. Supriya set up a Pinterest board where with collaboratively filled it with inspiration, Rembrandt lighting, poses, and props.

The week of the shoot we figured out our timeline. Personally, I'm not really the type to plan anything, I just have the idea and then want to do it right away. But luckily Supriya pushed for a timeline which ended up being so very important. We had booked Studio 125 in Cambridge for four hours, which sounds like a lot, but we also had a lot we wanted to play around with. We had different outfits, sets, and items to showcase.

Once we settled in from hauling all of our gear, easels, props, and artwork from the vehicles Supriya started on lighting. We took test shots, I gave my thoughts on this&that and together we worked to get some seriously stunning photos.

In my head I knew I wanted something different, I didn't want these branding photos to feel like wedding photos. I wanted them to be posed. I love some light and airy photography - don't get me wrong - but I'm a more is more kind of person. Deeper tones, richer hues, darker contrast - that's what I was feeling... and that's what I got.

Overall, I am so happy and impressed with these photos and I can't wait to post and share them everywhere. They really are timeless, they feel like they could have been taken hundreds of years ago, yet still feel so current. I know that one day when I'm old and gray and my grandchildren ask what I used to look like, I'll be pulling up my old ancient google drive and showing them these.

Photos by the ever-lovely Supriya from Chasing Moments

Shot at Studio 125 in Cambridge Ontario

Stationery & Styling Props in the photos by Red Bicycle Paper Co.

Stlying Mats by yours truly.