10 Unique Wedding Vendors to Elevate Your Wedding Experience

Live Portrait Painting - photo by Chasing Moments Photo Co

Being a live wedding painter, I get to meet and work with so many talented individuals!

When I do consultations with future couples I always ask why they decided to reach out to me and one resounding answer is that they want something unique at their wedding. I guess you could say I fit the bill.

There's a lot of pressure that goes into hosting that perfect wedding you've been planning for SO long. The dress, the venue, the food—everything has to be perfect. One thing you might not have thought about is your vendor and incorporating experiences. As an engaged couple, you want to make sure you're hiring people who are going to provide memorable services and products for your big day.

If you're looking for some unique vendors in Ontario, I've got just what you need! Check out the list of unique wedding vendors right here.

Prepare to get inspired.

Ice sculpture wedding drink holder
Photo by Heather Dietz

Ice Culture


These are not your fancy ice cubes (although I'm sure they could make you some!) these ice sculptures are absolutely stunning. They can serve a practical purpose such as a drink slide, a tabletop, or as a statement with your decor, or they can just be beautiful ice artwork.

The Wheeled Brew - Photo by Amy Cheshire

The Wheeled Brew


A travelling vintage truck (or 3!), a draft cart as well as a draft door - think Narnia but with adult beverages! These trucks from the 1940's/50's are just so cool.

I also love that they can drive anywhere you want to be!

Tipsy Turny Trailer Photo by Jennifer See Studios

Tipsy Turny Trailer


I mean, come on - how cute is this?! The Tipsy Turny Trailer is a whole mood. This mobile bar can be brought wherever you want the party to start.

Succulent Chocolates - photo from their website

Succulent Chocolates


Sandra and her team work together to make these delicious and beautiful bonbons, hand painted chocolates, and they also offer live chocolate painting (sign me up!).

Fluffi & Co. photo by @isaiah.photo

Fluffi + Co.

@fluffiandco Candy floss isn't just for the fair anymore. Fuffi & Co. makes flavorful cotton candy that will guarantee to delight your guests! Yum.

Tri City Circus - photo from their website

Tri City Circus


Aerialists are totally amazing to watch. It's so impressive to be floating around on these ribbons and they make it look so easy.

Amar Bhuee Wearable Art

Amar Bhuee Wearable Art


Amar take the flowers from your wedding day and creates amazing dried floral artwork - she makes them into jewelry, and stunning wall hangings in a bunch of different shapes

Black Dog & Company photo by Real Focused Photography

Black Dog & Company


Want to have your dog at your wedding or ceremony but don't want to burden your guests with the responsibility? Black Dog & Company offers one on one dog care for events.

Photo by High Bar Canada

High Bar


It's a hosted cannabis concierge service. Here in Canada with cannabis being legal it makes total sense to offer both marijana and alcohol for your guests.

Photo by Salt and Paper

Salt & Paper


These are super cool stamps, hand carved and the portrait work is *chef's kiss*! Guests will definitely remember your invite or thank you card when it's stamped with such an exceptional and unique portrait.

As a painter, I just have to shout out how difficult portraits are, AND to carve them - I am beyond impressed.