Live portrait painting

Chasing Moments

A portrait, An Experience.

Guests of all events love the interactive and personal nature of live painted portraits. Watching artwork come to life in real time is something new and refreshing. Live portrait painting will help to elevate your next event. 


Chasing Moments


A Favour They Actually Want

...and a portrait they'll actually frame. These 5 minute watercolour portraits are not caricatures and they do not highlight or exaggerate any differences - they are realistically painted.

How It Works

Set up with a table, signage, and chairs, as guests arrive they are welcome to sit for 5 minutes while I paint them in watercolours. Guests do not need to be still. Once completed the portrait is placed in a protective sleeve and can be taken right there.


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Chasing Moments

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"We had an amazing experience with Emily at our wedding and would highly recommend her. She is very talented and really added some charm to the event." - Aazir, groom