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What makes a wedding painting special?


Having a photographer and videographer capture your wedding day are now common ways to commemorate your wedding day. A live painter capturing your wedding day is a completely different way of being able to experience it. A piece of art created to celebrate the day of your wedding is something that's been done dating back to the 16th century.


 Paintings have a special way of capturing how a night feels like the swish of a wedding dress, twinkle of the lights, or the passion in a kiss.

A painting can also bring someone dear to you who couldn't make it to your wedding such as a late grandparent or even a pet.

When you walk by your original painting hanging on a wall each day you will be brought back to the exact moment and all you felt when it happened. This experience provides awe-inspiring entertainment for your guests and a beautiful one-of-a-kind heirloom for the bride and groom - your first family portrait.

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