Live Portraits

Preserving the love and emotion of your wedding day - in the most romantic way possible.

Painted start to finish, in the midst of the night itself. 

Delight your guests with entertainment like no other.

1. Guests take a seat.

Throughout your cocktail hour or reception guests can come and sit for about five minutes.

2. 5 Minutes later... we're done!

While guests sit and chat with me, I paint them using watercolor paints.


"Emily was absolutely amazing to work with! Her painting captured every detail of the night perfectly. We feel so fortunate to have such a unique piece of art to display to remember our wedding." Alex, bride

Once guests are ready to depart they can come pick up their portrait, wrapped in a protective sleeve.

3. Pick it up.

KristenJamie-Wedding 4-0279.jpg

How much space do you need?

I need a table about 3' wide, but if there are size restrictions let me know ahead of time and I can work to downside what I bring with me.

What kind of materials do you use?

For live portraits, I use watercolour paints - specifically Beam Watercolour paints. As for paper I use 9x12" hot pressed watercolour paper.

Do guests have to sit for very long?

Each face on average takes about 5 minutes. So, not long! But I can also complete portraits from a quick photo on my phone if someone doesn't want to sit while I paint.

Will the paint be wet when my guests take them home?

Nope! Watercolour dries fairly quickly and I place each portrait into a protective sleeve once it's dry.

How many portraits can you paint?

This service is only available for events of up to 100 people, with each painting taking around 5 minutes it would be impossible for me to paint a party of 200!

  • events up to 100 guests

  • 9x12" watercolour portraits

  • protective sleeve

  • 5 minutes per portrait

  • ~6 hours on site

  • portraits completed ahead of your event using photos

  • 9x12" watercolour portraits

  • protective sleeve

  • completed off site

© 2020 Emily McDougall

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