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See behind the scenes, details on all live wedding paintings here including size, special requests, and backstories.

The Cambridge Mill is just one of those venues that has everything, and it is always a great time. This painting was completed based upon the first kiss at the ceremony. The couple provided creative freedom for the pose but requested a moment during the ceremony be painted.

Size: 16x20"

Photography: Ally & Nicholas

My first time painting inside a Gurdwara was a beautiful one. S&M wanted a moment from their ceremony captured as they circled around the Palki. I was able to paint inside the Sikh Temple which was great as the painting was my medium size and the Palki was incredibly detailed. As this was a long distance wedding I completed the painting the following day before heading back to Kitchener.

Size: 24x30"

R & M Aug 21

This was my first time painting in the lower level of the Cambridge Mill. It features a beautiful brick wall with purple/pink downlighting. R & M wanted a first dance painting, and during my recording process I found the perfect moment of them staring lovingly into one another's eyes.

Size: 20x24"